Do you want an effective hyip advertising for your project?

We propose the complex online advertising of your financial project. Only different oriented commercial combination can guarantee an effective result.
Internet advertising HYIP is our strong point!

Hyip monitor is not so

Let a potential investors be informed about your project. We will help you and in 12 hours after start you will be assessed.
We more effective than the best hyip monitors!


Dispatches by e-mail

E-mail sending by update and topical database of investors.
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Traffic arbitrage

Daily invitation of people to your web site from different investments resources.
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Forum support

We will provide you with best support on popular forums.
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Dispatches by social networks

Dispatches by groups and people in social networks.
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Dispatches by skype and telegram

Proposal delivery over contacts and investments chats.
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Our secret weapon. Calling in of foreign investors with a big chance of entering the project.
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Dispatches by e-mail

This is one of the first and most basic kinds of Internet advertising that we pay due attention to the campaign. Our powerful servers commit mail at 10 000 letters per hour.
Dispatches takes place according to current investor base, which is regularly updated and supplemented. Excellent deliverability rate of letters is 99%. A bunch of bright adaptive html-writing and quality of the text, written by us - gives you very good results.

Traffic Arbitrage

Driving traffic to your website. It is also a very effective way according to our experience. We provide daily attracting visitors to your project with Russian and foreign investment resources. That may be your future investors.

Support forums

We provide support to the most popular forums like: DREAMTEAMMONEY.COM, ROLCLUB.COM, MMGP.RU. Support is to report on the forums of all deposits and withdrawals from your project, thus raising your topic at the top position. We will make sure that most of your investors, attracted by us will write in the forums of all transactions in your project.

Dispatches in the social networks

Social networks take an important part in the life of almost every man. Therefore, we decided to use this segment of advertising. We use: vk, facebook, google+. Copyright designed scripts are distributing advertising text on the Internet interested in investing social network users and groups of investment topics.
Dispatches to users is done once only, at a time as sending to groups 4 times a day until the end of life of the campaign. Norma mailing stated in the tariff plan is shared by all three social networks for better efficiency.

Dispatches to skype and telegram

Skype and telegram are cool tools among networkers and in our hands they are very good! Our base of Skype and telegrams of investors is regularly growing and updated, thanks to this it always remains as relevant as possible. With the help of such a tool as "SENDEX", we send mailing to contacts and chats among our database. Mailing to contacts is done once. Newsletter via chats occurs 4 times a day, until the advertising period comes to an end.


One of our strengths whales - is to work with foreign investors. Investors who trust us, listen to our recommendations. Investors with whom we regularly support live chat on Skype. For ourselves, we have identified these people and they have a separate approach. Though there are not many, but the probability of their participation in the project is high enough!

Order form

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After completing the application, our manager will contact you to clarify the details
The advertising campaign will be launched within 12 hours.

How does it work?

1. Fill commercial order form.
2. We will contact you and draw up an advertising program for your project.
3. Make a payment.
4. Your commercial will be online during the next 12 hours.
5. Advertising results will be sent to you every 24 hours in PDF format.

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Terms of agreement

1. Advertising order

  • 1.1 Making the order advertising on, the customer agrees to these conditions.
  • 1.2 By placing an order for advertising on the website, the customer agrees to provide true, accurate information about his project and his contact information.
  • 1.3 Personal data of the customer are not available to third parties, but saved for the provision of advertising services as provided on the website
  • 1.4 Declared site type of advertising can last for a period 3 days or 12 days, depending on the option selected when ordering advertising. The selected validity period of advertising will be made all the norms specified in the tariff.
  • 1.5 For a single project cannot re-order advertising company provided site To avoid the same distribution the same investors.

2. Receiving and processing orders

  • 2.1 Orders are accepted through the website and contact information provided in the section
  • 2.2 Time take orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 2.3 Time to create and launch an advertising campaign Monday - Saturday from 8 am to 20:00 pm. Sunday holiday.
  • 2.4 After the order of advertising, the customer pays ordered service, according to the details provided by the manager, after payment, within 12 hours advertising campaign will be launched. If your order falls on a Sunday, the advertising campaign will be launched from 8 am on Monday.
  • 2.5 The order is not considered to be established, if a customer has not paid.

3. Our guarantees and commitments

  • 3.1 We guarantee the confidentiality of all the data entered on the site, all correspondence and any personal data of our customers.
  • 3.2 We never ask our clients to disclose their identity or any documents. We provide complete privacy.
  • 3.3 The client has rights to request not to deploy their project on the list of our portfolio. We must remove the project from the general list of portfolio or not to publish it initially.
  • 3.4 We guarantee to refund to the customer in the amount of 100%, if our advertising campaign was ineffective. By efficiency is meant the total return on the cost of the advertising campaign.

4. Disclaimer and liabilities

  • 4.1 We do not undertake to refund the expenses cost of an advertising campaign, due to technical failures on the part of the client.
  • 4.2 We reserve the right to refuse to conduct an advertising campaign to the customer. If payment for services has been made, we will refund the full amount back to the customer.